About Us. How it Works.

  • A list of domains about to be dropped is chosen by editors every day.
  • Domains are then monitored until someone registers them. Popular domains are displayed in the home page

These are not auctions. This is not a back order service. These are popular expired domains for which you will not have to pay anything other than the registration fee.


What do you mean by 'people-powered'?

Expired Live does not have an interest in the domains listed here. In fact, no other company or person will benefit from promoting a specific name. At the moment that a domain is released, it represents a clean start for the new owner.

So what we do is measure popularity based exclusively on people visits. If you see a name at number one, it is there because there is considerable interest in it at that time and the name/keyword is likely more valuable.

If you do not intend on registering any name, we hope that at least you get ideas for your projects or future purchases and come back once in a while to see what's trending

How can I ‘grab a name away from the pros’?

This is our favorite tagline. Professional domain purchasers use increasingly sophisticated software to track and ‘catch’ a domain with the likely intention of speculating with it.

We provide the chance to either look at our popular or latest (real time) sections to view 100% available popular names. These are released names that have not yet been ‘caught’. This gives the same chance to anyone, anywhere